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Kenton Biographical Information

Outstanding Kenton Orchestra Personnel
Mike Suter's Article On Kenton's Trombones Composers & Arrangers
The Mellophonium Section Kevin Lindsay's  Essay On The Conn/Kenton Mellophoniums
Hank Levy Profile Kenton Orchestra's You Tube Performances
Innovations Orchestra June Christy -- The Misty Miss Christy Website 
Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra Neophonic Concert Programs - 1965-1966
Basin Street East_New York City 1961 Basin Street East2 -  New York City 1961
Kenton Orchestra Reviews Another View of Stan
Creative World of Stan Kenton Orchestra's Promotional Materials
John Park/Alto Saxophone/Notes By Jerry Atkins Kenton Orchestra Recorded Library
Gene Roland Profile Dee Barton/Mississippi Musicians's Site
Marvin Stamm's Website Marvin Stamm On Improvisation
Bud Shank's Website Frank Rosolino's Website
Bill Trujillo's Website Peter Erskine Profile
Trombonist Bobby Burgess Profile Tribute To A Band Mastermind - Bill Kohlhaase - Los Angeles Times
Stan Kenton Clinics Kenton Orchestra Recorded Library
University of North Texas Collection/Original Scores & Photos Kenton Scores Available At Sierra Music
George T. Simon Essay - Published in 1967 George T. Simon Review - Published in 1981
Leonard Feather Review 1961 Peter Newman 1973 Downbeat Interview
Kenton Retrospective - 'Investor's Daily' 1972 Orchestra Review  'National Observer'

 Reflections, Observations & Anecdotes

Peter Newman's Kenton Obituary

 The Shadow of Her Smile 

20 Years of Kenton
Stan Kenton's Latin Jazz Connections Latin Beat Magazine 1999
Bob Crispen's Kenton Disography  


Please note that several of these files contain a substantial amount of information and may load slowly.
Locating and uncovering this information has been a slow and arduous process. Few, if any of us, kept journals,
saved itineraries and reviews, or took photographs. It just didn't occur to us at the time. Truth be known we never
considered that the exhilarating musical journey we were privileged to take with Stan would ever end and that our
memories should have been documented for posterity sake. The fact that the Band would one day disband, never
to be heard again hardly entered our minds. Hopefully, this commemorative web site celebrates in some small way
Stan and all the marvelously talented musicians who made the Kenton Orchestra 'The Kenton Orchestra.'

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